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Art is a process of arranging elements in a creative way so that it can become an object of appeal to our emotions. The word art doesn’t refer to only visual arts which include sculpture, painting and printmaking, but also encompass a wide range of human activities and modes of expression including literature and music. The branch of philosophy which studies art is known as Aesthetics.

Formerly, art was used to refer to any mastery or skill. But this conception changed since the Romantic period from when art was redefined as it is a human activity with the intention of stimulating our emotions and thoughts.

Art alone can describe several meanings. It can be a study of creative skill, a process and product of the creative skill or it can be the audience’s experience regarding the creative skill. Creative arts again can be of a number of disciplines that results into artworks by which a viewer compels in interpreting the art. Art can also be termed as something which generally stimulates a person’s emotions, belief and ideas. It can bear expression of ideas which can take different forms serving numerous purposes.

The term art is used at times to measure value. It is used in expressions like “that innings was a work of art” (the innings played by the player is quite artistic), or “The art of amusing” (the high level of skill attained by the entertainer is praiseworthy). It is this use of the word art measures the high quality and value providing the flavor of subjectivity in the term.

Judgments of value can be only done on a certain basis. Generally, the simplest way by which an object can be considered as art is by checking whether it is perceived to be repulsive or attractive.

Again, art can often intend to appeal and connect with human emotions. It acts in arousing moral and aesthetic feelings and from this it can be understood that art helps in communicating these feelings. An artist tries their best to express their ideas among audiences so that they get aroused to some extent. Effective art at times brings some new insights regarding the human condition which may not be always positive or necessarily widening the boundaries of human ability.


Animation has been making a buzz among all in this technological age. It is a quick display of systematically arranged images of 2-D or 3-D model positions in order to form an illusion of movement. Animation is an optical illusion of motion which can be formed and demonstrated in various ways. 


A craft is a skill which generally involves practical arts. It can refer to a particular art or a trade. The term craft is sometimes being used as a part of longer word. For example, a craft guild is a group of workers in the same trade. Craft- brother is another one which means a fellow worker in a particular trade. 

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